Here and Now for WIPpet Wednesday

Howza-zowza, another Wednesday and I’m here for the celebration. What celebration, you ask? Why, WIPpet Wednesday of course! What? Were you born under a rock?!!?

Before I get on with my own rambling, I want to throw another huge shout out to author Devin O’Branagan who released the final book in her Legend of Glory trilogy yesterday. Missed the news? Look HERE.

And now for my rambling… I think I’ve made mention in the past about how much music is a requirement in my life. And I’m not choosy as to genre, so long as it moves me somehow. The lyrics, the melody, the overall feel. If it speaks to me, I listen. We all know how searching for one thing on the www can lead you to finding other things. Such was the case when I stumbled across the site for Karliene. If you’ve never heard of her, never visited her site, and never listened to any of her music, I suggest you do so. One song (Become the Beast which you can listen to here) reminded me very much of two much-beloved characters from Kate Sparkes’ Bound trilogy. Two other songs have been on repeat since I downloaded them. Can’t get enough. My favorite is this one The Rains of Castamere ~ The Darker Cut (imagine me liking the ‘darker’ version). Give it a listen if you’re so inclined.

I’ve been pounding away on Edge of Darkness. You know, the infamous Book Three of my Darkness & Light trilogy. As such, I’ve not spent any time with Roe and Fader — I know, big HUGE sad face — but I’ll get back to them as soon as I put ~Finis~ at the end of the first draft of EoD, so never fear. And that is… going. I finally had to break out each POV in its very own file, creating hyperlinks anyplace two characters overlap. I just couldn’t keep track, otherwise. Once I did that I found it started going much easier. Or at least I no longer feel the need to run screaming into traffic.

So, there you have it. And here you have it, from page 5 of Berk’s POV, 27 sentences, no context, first drafty.

The breeze hit him with more force once on the southern wall, gusting through the crenels as he passed. He kept his hood down and lifted a hand in greeting as he approached the wall guard. He knew the man well enough to be recognized, but thankfully not well enough to engage in a long conversation.

“Brisk night,” Berk said by way of greeting.

Halvin nodded. “Aye.” He fished under his cloak and drew out a flask. “Care for a dram t’warm you?”

Berk sniffed the contents before drinking. Taste being subjective, the night guard — especially those who drew wall duty on cold nights — often got creative with their choice of beverages to ward off the chill.

Halvin chuckled. “Jest Mol’s best spice brandy. I don’t have Will’s cast iron gut. I swear, that boy could put the fires of hell themselves in there and not feel any ill effects.” He took a pull from the flask himself when Berk handed it back, before tucking it away again. “What brings you out? Didn’t twist the lieutenant’s ear and earn yourself a turn up here with us grunts, did ya?”

“Not this time,” Berk said. “Just out for a bit of air.”

“Ah. Well then, I’ll leave you to’t.”

Berk nodded his thanks, twitched the cowl of his cloak higher around his neck, and strode off in the opposite direction. High clouds scuttled in front of the stars, and the scent of rain hung heavy. Berk drew it in through his nose, filling his lungs and his senses as though it could scrub them clean. Leaning against one of the crenels, he watched his breath ghosting from him.

“Here and now.” He whispered Sully’s favorite line, trying to feel it as deeply as he usually did.

Question for the Day: Those of you who are Indie published, what has been most successful for you in getting the word out about a book?



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Release Day for Genesis by Devin O’Branagan

Exciting stuff today from Best Selling Author Devin O’Branagan.

Genesis, the long-awaited thrilling conclusion to the epic urban fantasy trilogy, The Legend of Glory trilogy, has just been released in both paperback and eBook formats. It is available from Amazon in print and eBook formats at Amazon by going HERE.

Genesis Large Web

Eighteen-year-old Glory Templeton has returned from a time travel event pregnant with a child named Genesis whose DNA is predicted to save the world from genocide. However, evil forces of both natural and supernatural origins want Glory’s baby. Meanwhile, Genesis’ father, Zane, struggles to find his way back to Glory after nearly two centuries of living in darkness. Angels, witches, vampires, and demons come together to do battle, and the human race is the prize. A moving tale of love, courage, and fighting the good fight against evil.

Although the third book in a trilogy, Genesis is also a satisfying standalone read.




And more excitement, The Legend of Glory trilogy is under contract with a prominent Hollywood producer and is being shopped as a potential TV series.

Bestselling author Devin O’Branagan weaves tales of uncommon heroes. Her genres include paranormal thrillers, young adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and romantic comedy. Devin’s books have been published by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books, German publisher Heyne Verlag, Turkish publisher Dogan Egmont, and indie publisher Cornucopia Creations. They are available in print, eBook, and audio formats. Her website is


(Perhaps you remember me mentioning Witch Hunt: of the Blood  Five novellas in all, based on Devin O’Branagan’s best selling novel, Witch Hunt with authors: Devin O’Branagan ~ Sue Campbell ~ Keri Lake ~ Krista Walsh Which includes my novella Blood Tells All, the story of Julia Hawthorne and the ultimate sacrifice she makes to ensure the continuation of the Hawthorne bloodline. If not, check out my Published Works page.)



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Not Quite, But Almost

Hello WIPpeteers and other Blog visitors. Okay, let’s not all look incredibly shocked. Also, no running at me with arms widespread, angling for a hug. Not. Gonna. Happen.

*draws large air circle around self* This is my space… *thrust hands palm out to indicate rest of room* … that’s your space. Okay. Just so we’re clear.

I’m not going to say I’m back. I’m not sure. But I did want to duck in to let those of you who have asked, who care and/or just wonder, that I am still here. *insert angelic choir and spreading of clouds*

*fine, insert crash of lightning, Godsmack, and the ground splitting open beneath our feet spewing flames to the sky* Happy now?

I am, contrary to any rumors which may or may not have been circulating, living and breathing. On earth. Nothing catastrophic has occurred in my life. No natural disasters or Zombie Apocalypses (and that last one I’m actually rather ticked about), or huge dilemmas. Basically just busy, in combination with me being my own worst enemy. I’m VERY accomplished at that. I can sucker punch myself better than a boxer wrestling a tight end.

Well, you get the idea.

But, I have been writing and scheming and planning and creating and plotting and breathing and drinking coffee and creating long lists of things without using any commas just to watch the comma people hyperventilate.

To prove it, I give you a WIPpet. Yes, you heard me right. A WIPpet. On this 20th of May in the year 2015 I give you 20 sentences from Edge of Darkness ~ Book Three in the Darkness & Light Series. Yeah, had to type the whole thing out because ZOW! Really?!!? Book three might actually make it before the end of the year?

No context. Take it for what it’s worth. First drafty.

Donovan laughed, the sound reverberating around the room. “Good and evil are abstract concepts, and neither exists as an absolute. Every man has it in him to be both. Every man, at some point in his life, is both. Even your pristine Goddess fails — at regular intervals — to embody goodness, though her followers hold her up as a shining example to be blindly followed. Tell me, if I am evil, is your general good? Does he not lie to suit his purposes? Is he not willfully proud and arrogant? He is reputed to be a ruthless, often violent man, who has killed many. Is that not evil?”

Ciara glared at him. “Bolin’s a soldier. He doesn’t enjoy killing.”

“Neither does he shun it.”

“He does what he has to for the protection of the empire.”

“You have learned that by rote, but do you believe it? You are so quick to label me as evil, yet I struggle to understand your definition of the word. Tell me, do you consider yourself to be good, Daughter?”



And I’m going to share this with you as well. Because it’s random. And fun.  The 10 Weirdest Things That People Once Used As Status Symbols.

Okay. Heading back under my rock. Be good. Or just be good at being bad. Or… just be.


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Because it’s Wednesday…

Profoundest apologies for not making an appearance last week on WIPpet Wednesday. I didn’t even make the rounds. Not sure that will change this week. In the midst of a House Project and have an Event this weekend, so free time is at a minimum. Or non-existent. One of the other. But that doesn’t mean I’m not eking out some words, planning plans, and otherwise doing things.

You know. Things.

Anyhow, there are other WIPpeteers to see and other WIPpets to read, so plunder on without me for now. I’ll try to visit this week, but make no promises.

But, just to prove I am still squeezing in some time to make words, I give you a line from yesterday’s handful on Edge of Darkness, just because.

“He had no trouble finding me on his own, I doubt he’ll have any trouble finding his way back.”

Just as I, too, will find my way back.



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Dip Happens—What Do We DO When Nothing Seems To Change?


So timely for me.

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.30.15 AM

Often I blog about things I am going through. Sometimes just writing things down, sketching out a plan of action, recalibrating MY perspective helps a lot. Hey, if nothing else, I have a blog post :D .

Lately, I’ve been in what Seth Godin calls…The DIP. In fact, I am even talking about The Dip over on my Dojo Diva blog for those who want more (and also a better chance of winning my 20 Page Death Star Critique).

*dangles carrot*

What is THE DIP? The Dip is that span of suck before the breakthrough. The Dip is where character develops, where dreams grow, where WE grow. Bad news is this is also the place where most people give up.

I’d love to say I’ve never given up when faced with a particularly tenacious Dip, but I am a terrible liar. Dips are tough. Why are Dips so hard?

View original 2,043 more words

Cover Reveal for Bloodlore ~ Cadis Trilogy Book One by Krista Walsh

Yes, it’s cover reveal time again! I’m super stoked about this book because, not only is Krista a writer-bud and a phenomenal author, but Venn was one of my favorite characters from the Meratis Trilogy and now she has her very own story. Woot!! Release date is scheduled for the week of May 25th.

First, the blurby bits…

Venn Connell is bored.

When the Andvellian ambassador in Margolin goes missing, she jumps at the chance to find him, but quickly learns the mystery goes deeper than one missing courtier.

With border tensions rising, a man vanishing before her eyes with a relic she believed lost, red-clad soldiers out for blood, and something dark following her from the charred ruins of Treevale fortress, Venn becomes a pawn in an unseen game.

Forced to confront her past and question her future, Venn knows she has to tread carefully. One wrong move and she could lose herself in the shadows, and hurl her country into war.

Now, the stunning cover by artist is Jeff Brown with typography by Colin F Barnes.


Stunning, isn’t it?

To find out more about Krista, visit her at The Raven’s Quill If you’re interested in how to get your hands on any of her books, go here.
You can also connect with Krista on Facebook   Twitter: @krista_walsh or Sign up for her Newsletter

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Unexpected Musings for WIPpet Wednesday

I know, I said I was taking a bit of a hiatus from WIPpet Wednesday, right? But yesterday, for the first time in way too long to admit, whilst working on Edge of Darkness (you know, the infamous Book Three in my Darkness & Light trilogy) I actually felt a little tremble of excitement flow through me. A flicker of, “oooh… I kinda like this.” I tried to be really cool about it, not making direct eye contact for fear of frightening it off. And by the end of the day it was still there. In fact, this morning, it’s still here.

I blame my subconscious. Which after a restless night, left me with a scene that spurred several others and was a missing piece of the puzzle.

Of course, I say this knowing full well that in another day I may well be bemoaning my fickle muse, and once again sobbing in my alcohol infused coffee.

But for now, in honor of this momentous event, I wax poetic.

*climbs onto stage and clears throat*  *a hush falls over the crowd*



*smiles sweetly*

My poem. Entitled Ode to the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious is a marvelous Beast
As problems it solves while fast you sleep.
The Brain it starts whirring,
Thoughts begin stirring,
who cares if your rest is disturbed?
With morning’s light through the window streaming,
you try to recapture your brain’s own scheming,
like dust through your fingers,
it’s gone, does not linger,
leaving you mostly perturbed.


*exits stage left*  *err… right*  *um… disappears behind the curtain*

Hey, I never claimed poetry was my strong suit. Also, because I’m feeling so… ahhhhhhhhh… I give you a WIPpet that doesn’t really come from an actual WIP. I shared the opening of this a couple weeks ago. Something I dally with from time to time. Show of hands for those of you who recall Horban and his… arms.

Bravo! Due to some of the comments following that opening, I found and am going to share with you the first time Horban is actually given a weapon. He really is quite inept, as you shall see. Fifteen sentences for the 15th.

Horban caught the weapon out of reflex alone. Fumbled it. Gave a startled yelp when the blade nicked his finger. Fumbled it again, very nearly dropping it straight into his foot. He finally got an awkward grip on it and stared, mouth hanging open, unsure what Kalyn expected.

“It’s a sword,” she said, giving him an encouraging nod, and talking slowly as though to a small child who was having a hard time understanding. “You do know how to use one, don’t you?”

“No.” Horban’s voice rose an octave. “Why would I? I’m no soldier.”

“It’s really quite simple. Pointy end toward anyone besides the three of us that comes for you.”

Horban shook his head, gingerly holding the weapon point down by just a few fingers on the crosspieces. “Take it back.”

And with that, I bid you fond… wait! I leave you with this quite humorous video. Krankenwagon… *snork*


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