The UNPLANNED Bloopers

I just had to reblog, because not only can you win a copy of Alana Terry’s new book, but in this post she shares some bloopers. How many times does an author share their blooper roll? And some of them… hysterical. (UNPLANNED is the newest Christian suspense novel from award-winning author Alana Terry.)

ReGi McClain

A first-year college student adjusting to life in the States.
A brand-new pregnancy center desperate for new volunteers.
A mysterious phone call from a girl who’s far too young to be pregnant.

from award-winning suspense novelist Alana Terry

After volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, Kennedy Stern finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of intrigue, at the mercy of those who consider a few innocent lives a small ransom to pay for victory.

One of my favorite things to share when I release a new novel is the blooper reel. I type really fast, and my fingers almost always get ahead of my brain. When I’m dictating instead of typing, my computer program is even more likely to come up with hilarious approximations to what I really tried to say.

I hope you enjoy theUnplannedblooper reel as much as I did.

(Also, be sure to…

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One response

  1. The thought of admitting my own bloopers is… oy. I can’t even bring myself to say it, let alone admit that I commit them. I’m humbled by this lovely author who’d willingly display her humanness.

    April 10, 2015 at 3:54 pm

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